See how this Yoruba woman attempted stealing from a groundnut seller (Video)

A woman who was trying to buy from a groundnut seller was caught on camera attempting to outsmart the unsuspecting seller by stealing from him. The groundnut seller who sells with a wheelbarrow was measuring the amount the woman wanted to buy from him only for him to notice she was also trying to play smart and steal more than she is going to pay for.

Holding a sack and pretending to be rushing the trader to quickly measure the groundnut for her and ensure the measuring bowl was very full, the woman was strategically planning. The moment the trader attempted pouring the measured groundnut into the sack she was holding, she used the sack to dig into the heap of under the bowl.

After warning her the first time he noticed, the man measured another bowl and she repeated it which led to him pouring back all he had measured from her sack back into his wheelbarrow.

Knowing full well she was guilty, she made no comment, just stood, with her hands akimbo and watching the seller.

Watch the video below.

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