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Smart Light People UK, Kenya Office

Published on 24 Jul 2020 / In Business

⁣Smart Light People Kenya
⁣SLP is a UK based company that deals with technology and internet related services. We deal with a wide variety of user-generated and Official Network companies. Our platform is set to become an Alternative to YouTube for Content Creators from all over the world. Can also help with goals of Tourism, architecture, technology, insurance, banking, hotels and a very wide selection of companies in Kenya.
By reaching millions of people around the world and attracting them and promoting offers on international cuisines, 5 star hotels, a vast collection of tourist attraction sites and even the best places to visit all around the world.
Our expansion has led us to opening an office in Kenya presenting us with new opportunities for us and the Kenyan business eco-system.
We are planning on offering partnerships to businesses in Kenya that would like global advertising for their businesses on a global scale, introducing them to an international platform. SLP attracts a global audience and is expected to have Billions of member viewership in two years’ time.
I know you’re very selective about the partnerships you get into, so I’m reaching out to you about an awesome Partnership that we think would really benefit your products and services.

We’re looking for a few select partners to help promote their products and services to our Audience, and also Businesses that want to Improve their public Image. You will get your business services and product viewed daily by thousands of people.
e.g. We promote your business services and products on multiple channels daily.

*Our Advertising Services would mean Targeted advertising to your chosen Audience.
*Public Image we can assist in developing your worldwide Image
* The platform is Growing rapidly daily and set to compete with the likes of YouTube, Whatever message you are trying to deliver to the world about your company, we will help you achieve it.
* As a result of having millions of Users. A partnership with us would mean if there are any conversations about your company, we can work with you to change public perception immediately and deliver only the message you want the world to see.

Whatever your main business Challenge. We are Happy to form a partnership with you to help you solve it.

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