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SLPWC World Conference : What is Smart Light People?

Published on 25 Jul 2020 / In Business

⁣SLPWC World Conference : What is Smart Light People?

⁣Welcome to SPWC, Smart Light People World Conference. Where we Highlight all we have been working on. First of all we want to thank all the Health Care workers who have been front line and centre during this Pandemic and made Sacrifices.

Today we are talking about our Platform Smart Light People and also the external Platforms we have created to help empower our Creators.

Let's start with SLP
A platform built for Content Creators. They create a profile channel, Upload videos to their channel and Earn Easily from their content.
Our goal is to empower talented creators, to help them take control of their content creation career and we have provided the tools to help them achieve this. They can create any type of channel they want.

Let's talk about earnings. Content creators can Earn on the Platform.
We have created 5 ways for Content Creators and Film producers to earn.
One……. Monetization
Content creators can earn from having ads placed in their videos for their Audience to watch.
This is when the content creator joins the Smart Light People monetization Programme.
Creators can easily apply for Monetization within their profile by ticking a botton and waiting 2 to 4 Weeks for Admins Approval. If they are not approved they can try again in 2 weeks.


Two…….. Donations
Our content creators can earn through donations. Donations is one of the things that we are so happy to have on the platform. Subscribers and Viewers can now donate to the creators easily as they watch videos. It's another great way for them to show support to creators.
In every Profile Account there is a Section to fill in a donation Email. That activates Donation,,, So after this anytime the content creator uploads the video they can choose if they would like to receive a donation for that video or not.

Three…….. Movie Rentals
Independent Film Producers and site users can upload their films in the movie section of the Platform, where viewers can watch movies by paying a rental access fee to watch each movie.

Now Let's proceed to talk about the other 2 ways we have created to further empower our Content Creators to maximise their Earning.
We Understand that some content creators have Businesses from Selling products to Providing services, We also understand that some would like to have online Store where they can sell their products and Services.

That Brings us to Number…… 3
That’s why we have created Tezlow Marketplace where where content creators who would like to sell products and services directly to their audience can. They can open a Store and put the link to their Tezlow Store in their channel on Smart Light People so viewers can visit their shops by clicking the link.
Both Product and Service stores can be opened.
Tezlow is also open to Non Creators.

One thing we hear a lot from our Creators is that they want to be able to reach more Brands and connect to them easier, so we want to give them more control.
Smart Light People Ads Marketplace………We developed Smart Light People Ads Marketplace
A place to buy and sell Ad space. It's an independent marketplace owned by Smart Light People Technologies. Creators can sell their Ad Space - - - they can list their channel Ad space for Brands and Businesses to Book.
Creators can offer to Promote products and services for Brands… Brands can book slots for Creators to perform Shout outs, Product reviews on their Channels etc.

We have some new things in the Pipeline that would take empowering or creators to a whole new level. We will continue to improve our systems and add more applications to help creators such as : Going Live and hosting online meetings space for platform users and external. Which would provide a space for teaching directly online and hosting Business meetings. We are also working on developing Smart Light People music we want to empower Music artist to take control of their Careers.

It's Going to be an exciting year. We welcome new Creators, We welcome Advertisers and Also Partnerships.
Thanks Smart Light People

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