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Motivational Success Story Of Jay Z - From Living In Poverty To World First Billionaire Rapper

Published on 23 Jun 2020 / In People & Blogs

Motivational Success Story Of Jay Z - From Living In Poverty To World's First Billionaire Rapper

Motivational video and Success Story Of Jay-Z. This motivational speech will inspire you to never give up no matter how hard life gets.

Jay-Z was a very shy kid who faced many challenges in his life. He lived in poverty and at the age of 11 his father abandoned the family. That was one of the most traumatic moments that crushed him and filled him with pain and anger,.

He was able to turn some of his hardships into music and became an amazing lyricist, So much that he would often compete and win freestyle competitions. But he couldn't get a record deal and was rejected many times. So he and his friends would park by some popular area and blast his music from the car stereo. And when people would come over to ask who is rapping, Jay-Z would sell them his CDs right out of the trunk. Those were his beginnings.
He was trying very hard to get a record deal, but not a single label would sign him. But actually that turned out to be a good thing. Because it led him to establish his own record company called Roc-a-fella Records.

Through the years Jay Z became a famous rapper and entrepreneur. His powerful mindset to not give up and fight for your goals no matter where you started, made him one of the most successful hip-hop artists of all time. He became one of the world's best-selling musicians of. He sold more than 100 million records, and won 22 Grammys.
So the boy who lived in poverty and did all kinds of things to survive, transformed his life and became the world's first billionaire rapper.

This motivational video will teach you that Believing in yourself is the most important thing.

"Belief in oneself, in knowing who you are, that's the foundation of everything great" - Jay-Z

Ross Bugden - Music:
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Are you feeling down and empty with all hope lost, or maybe you are having a bad day. Are you feeling depressed and full of anxiety on a daily basis, or you’re feeling like a complete failure?Do you need that spark of inspiration that will make you stand off that couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself? Are you tired of being unhappy, unfulfilled, not confident? It’s time to change your mindset! Do you need just a little bit of motivation to change things? The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.
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