How To Make Tinga De Pollo

Tinga Recipe:
(Keep in mind: if it’s not spicy, it’s not for me. However it’s always tolerable spicy, just enough. You can always adjust the ingredients to lower the spice)
1. $6 worth of boneless chicken breast from the carniceria (or a pre-packaged on from the store)
2. Queso Fresco (if from the carniceria, 1 pound is fine. I got 2 pounds bc I wanted extra) Store bought is fine too.
3. 3 small cans of chipotle sauce
4. 3 medium sized roma tomatoes
5. Lettuce
6. One whole white onion
7. Vegetable oil (or whichever you like)
8. Mayo (some prefer sour cream, this is my preference)
9. Tostadas (home made are the best, if not the brand “La Rosa’s” these taste the homiest to me)
10. Salt
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  1. Youre so pretty! ๐Ÿ˜ i never seen anyone eat it with mayo, but everyone eats and cooks differently. I just started my cooking channel as well and this was my first video. You should see and try my way & see if you like it ๐Ÿค—