50 Kpop Dances in 5 Minutes!!

How many of these Kpop dances do you know? :O

Peas Dance Kpop in Public!

Peas Dance Kpop in Public! I hope you enjoy this crazy video ~ Let me now your favourite Pea Pun down below!! ~If you want to support me and my events/channel you are able to here: Patreon: ~ Please give it a like if you enjoyed and subscribe to my channel for weekly videos! […]

[In_Public] MOMOLAND_(모모랜드) BBoom_BBoom_(뿜뿜) Dance Cover

[In_Public] MOMOLAND_(모모랜드) BBoom_BBoom_(뿜뿜) Dance Cover Hey guys! I hope you enjoy my cover of Momoland Bboom Bboom, what’s your favourite Momoland choreo? ^-^ Socials Twitter: @xinahailey YouTube: Xinachu Instagram: @Xinachu

TWICE – Feel Special Dance Cover Challenge | Kpop in 10 Minutes

TWICE – Feel Special – I learnt a Kpop dance in 10 minutes – fail? Hey pals! I hope you like this awful attempt at learning Feel Special in 10 minutes xD **DISCLAIMER** This is not my serious attempt at dancing, this is a fun challenge. Aka this is me seeing what I can pull […]

Introduction To Xinachu

Here is the introduction of xinachu channel about Kpop dance covers