Aysha Loren Live. at the Devonshire terrace Liverpool

The Soul Royalty Winter Festival ‑ ERA TAKEOVERSat, 30 Nov 2019, 16:00

‘Advertise Smarter’ on Smart Light People

We must advertise smarter especially in current times with consumers being bombarded with ads Five LESSONS some advertiser have had to learn from. Target audience : understanding your target audience and trying to ensure, your audience is where you have chosen to Advertise. Your Message: what messages are you trying to communicate to your potential […]
tesla cyber truck

Tesla Cybertruck..Elon Musk Debuts His Hard-Edged Tesla Cybertruck

What do you think of the new design? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW The launch of the cybertruck, which Musk has described as “a really futuristic-like cyberpunk, Blade Runner pickup”, suffered a very public setback when its “armored glass” windows shattered in a much-anticipated unveiling. The overall look of the futuristic electric vehicle worried Wall Street. […]
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What’s your top Location to Holiday? login and Comment.

We have compiled a list of our top 5 travel locations to visit. Whats yours? Kvarner Bay, Croatia. Croatia’s only recently become one of Europe’s must-visit hotspots. Calabria, Italy. Italy’s southern coast leads the pack when it comes to mainland beach breaks. … Alcudia, Majorca. … Los Cabos, Mexico. … Machu Picchu, Peru. Introduction to […]
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Your Thoughts on the Brexit Debate? Click and Comment below

Jeremy Corbyn has declared he will be “neutral” in a second Brexit referendum, in a stormy general election Question Time which saw Boris Johnson forced to defend himself against charges of racism. Candidates running in the UK election were on Tuesday challenged to “reverse the huge reputational damage” to British science caused by Brexit. The […]

Business Grant for All London Borough

Click to Apply for Business Advertising Grant Support The SmartLightPeople Small Business support programme aims to be the go-to service for Small and established businesses in the county, with the drive and potential to grow, helping them to directly connect with customers. Smartlightpeople Business support programme is able to help businesses with different local […]

Where are all the Millennials?

People are heading to smart light people to watching entertaining videos
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