Yokohama The Waterfront City of Tokyo Japan

he Yokohama waterfront bay is very. Locate at the southern end of a long stretch up to Minato Mirai on the north. The view is amazing – the International Cruise on your left, and Yokohama Bridge on your right.

If you want a great vacation end to a long stroll along the bay to bring lunch to sit in the grass and relax for a while. There’s a Lawson here if you forgot drinks and food, but on weekends it starts to look like it’s been attacked by ravenous wolves… you may be better off bringing something with you instead unless you want the last onigiri that nobody else wanted.

walking to the Marine Tower, and all the Minato Mirai must-see attractions. You can get here from the nearby station – walking down through the baseball stadium or get off at Sakuragi-Cho, and walk down from Minato Mirai Statute. You can also take the Sea bass down from Yokohama City if you want to see the beautiful bay more closely. It’s a maybe expensive ride, but more fun. Let’s visit Yokohama Sometimes if you free! Tell me what you think in the comment!


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Yokohama Marine Tower Observation Deck…
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