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1- About.

This online video community website Smartlightpeople was launched in the UK and it provides a platform to millions of users for watching videos.

2- Smart Light People

. Smartlightpeople allows users to upload, view, share, rate, add to playlist, comment on and subscribe to channels. A good alternative for content creators.

Smart Light People was founded in 2019 in London, United Kingdom and started out with creating video content for it's viewers After a year and the establishment of the company it started inviting Content creators to create Channels and upload their videos on the platform. The growth of User Generated Content’ (UGC) attracts a large number of viewers and set to have Billions of users viewership within a short time. it is also opening a branch in Kenya Africa, the Tech company is growing rapidly and started to produce advertising and promotional materials for Businesses to place their Adverts on Channels on the platform.(Users generated content creators channels and Original cooperate Channels). The Advertising Department caters to the full-service advertising needs of Businesses and Countries that would like access to our worldwide Audience.
Smart Light People is fast becoming a popular video sharing resource, it also integrates important social features making it too important to ignore. Smart Light People provides a free platform which users can use to publish video content such as tutorials, product overviews and more. Smart Light People provides its own paid advertising program; allowing businesses to have their ads appear in other people's videos. Smart Light People's social features include video commenting and ratings by way of likes and Subscribers.