EV Charge Point Roll Out. How’s That Going for Shell et al.

Vlog 85 – Time for a look back at the U.K. Governments EV Bill and how things are progressing? Do we have chargers in petrol stations and who is funding everything?






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  1. I think all leaf owners are going to have a problem when the Jaguar I pace comes along as there is no infrastructure. They will be on ecotricity chargers a long time to charge there bigger battery, this is where Tesla are in a prime position with there super chargers

  2. I see that instavolt have installed over 300 chargers in the U.K., mainly at Bynnatynes health clubs, they are open 24/7 but cost 35p per kWh, no membership just credit or debit cards.
    They are all on free vend at the moment until they are all complete, also polar plus have installed 300 chargers in 2017 , with a lot more to come in Feb 2018

  3. What is the approximate full cost of a chargepoint? If Councils won’t do it, why can’t they do it if a group of residents could club together and subsidise their 25% cost. Would this be feasible?

  4. With so many owners of 2011 – 2017 Leafs trading up to the 2018 model there are going to be a lot more EVs coming onto the roads. Some parts of the UK are still almost undriveable in an EV, this needs to change.

  5. I am so glad you are speaking on this issue as I stay in a flat and can’t have a charger fitted at my home so I currently use a 7kw charger in a local park. I recently contacted shell about there roll out as there is no rapid chargers in the east end of Glasgow and they said they have no plan to expand here so I contacted the council and the government but they just don’t understand what a difference a rapid charger would make. They seem to think that the 7kw chargers will be sufficient but as the ev ownership grow I don’t think the charging network will be able to keep up. Thanks for the great videos keep up the good work.