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Pricing We run Ads according to your Budget. We provide expectations according to your Budget. Cost of Ads Per View = 0.10 cent Cost of Ads by per click = $ 1.00 Example for 10,000 people that view your Advert it cost $1,000 . Processed to click unto your website it costs $1 per click. WHY ADVERTISE WITH US? We have a Worldwide Audience from all continents, many countries in the world and our viewers have multiple interests. The consumer decision journey as we know it has changed. Advertising is now competing with ‘User Generated Content’ (UGC) and brand communication is being controlled by user. All this because of the format of content consumption is now the mobile phone. So hotels and Travel Companies needs to take advantage of this reality for their advertising to work.The platform Smart Light creates content that is cause-worthy, useful and entertaining. We use powerful storytelling to break the traditional dichotomy between thematic and tactical advertising. Today consumer brand interactions happen across multiple touch points and your brand can leverage our technology to create seamless and contextual brand messaging.What revenue and expectations? The answer depends on multiple assumptions. A mature, successful campaign would produce a huge net income for your Brand.Our advertising will aim at brand positioning. Consistency of Adverts running are essential to improving share of mind. Running Ads Across the Platform will occupy mental space in the minds of the target audience which will maximize share of mind. The consumer experience in visiting your website and using the website reinforces other brand qualities.Examples of how your Advert will appear can be found by clicking on videos.