What happened to Djokovic is just politicians using their power to show off and get extra followers.
It has nothing to do with Covid or visa issues, they used him to try to make themselves look better🚮🚮 nkt

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It's been awhile since I made plans to hang out with anyone 😆smh


Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr...
Which is the one quote by MLK you live by😊

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The blackberry era has officially come to an End.. wow! it's really amazing how tech keeps evolving


"We're sleeping on our problems like we'll solve them in our dreams" – Louis Tomlinson

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Christmas Eve was seen as a time of magic, and Norwegians believed that at midnight, the water in rivers, streams, and wells, turned into wine. Of course no one had seen this miracle with their own eyes, because it was too dangerous to go outside and check.

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What did Adam say to the missus on the 24th of December?

It's Christmas Eve😂😂 IYKYK

#merrychristmas #happyholidays
#christmashumour #mondayThoughts

Can we all agree that any work/marketing can be put on hold during Christmas Eve - New Years?
it's been a year y'all 😩😩

Seems like shootings are becoming more & more normalized. People are literally shooting at each other in broad daylight in Times Square , what’re we living in the purge or The Wild West ??? Looks like we'll have to wear a bullet proof vest to walk our dogs dayummm💔💔
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