Eastenders Latest Review 30/09/2019 Sharon Mitchell On Lockdown!

Eastenders , Mel has Sharon on lockdown! What is going to happen next? Britains Got Talent Review. Kardashians Scott and Cory Showdown!!

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  1. Hi Claire great have you hear one of the Kadashi family sorry if I spelt wrong. Is a BILLIONAIRE. BILLIONAIRE named on Forbes. O my goodness. I need to wake uppppp!
    The Eastenders what happened next are they serious. that guy with the rod swallowed I could not watch it.!!!

  2. So what happened at the Eastenders. Hey. It great to know the review on Eastenders i wish its everyday ops. Did you say kadashi family sorry if I spelt it wrong, I never know if am going or coming. But thanks you made me interested. Tell me what are they doing. I heard one is on the Forbes list of BILLIONAIRES BILLIONAIRES 😮