Independent Work. (£30-£2000 a month)


Channels we Need. (Start Today & Get Paid)

1)Content creator for Skin care and makeup videos example

2) intro graphics creator We need someone to create a moving graphics

3) a video animator that can create animated videos for us similar to these:

4) create custom videos for products

5) create video motion for the types of workouts:

Examples: Situps, jumping jacks, planks, etc..

In brief, we want each type of workout to be

6) Food videos on . How to make dishes from your country?

7) Vloggers that Vlog Their Daily Lives

8)Vloggers That talk about the Entertainment Industry. Hot TOPICS

9)Vloggers that take us on a tour of different parts of their country

10) Tutors that talk about any subject

11) People Traveling the world vlogging about their various locatons

Creators who are good at making videos . This will be an ongoing job so we are looking for someone who can work continuously with us. You will be creating the video using your creativity based upon ideas presented us or on your own


Use the Headings Below As a guide


Smart Light people creators That talk about topics in their country can talk about ….

Why ……..(insert the name of your country here)….. is a nice place for a holiday?

What the best food in your country is?


Vlogging your Hobbies or fun videos

Creating Kids cartoons

Reporting the Daily News & Breaking News

& any other Interest we have not listed, things that you are passionate about

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Payment Schedule Sample for creator:

1 video a day -7 Videos a week—–$30-$500

2—-3 videos a week ——–$30-$300

4—14 videos a week ——–$30-$800

We Would Pay you $30- $800 depending on the amount of videos you upload and Engagement that you create.