TWICE – Feel Special Dance Cover Challenge | Kpop in 10 Minutes

TWICE – Feel Special – I learnt a Kpop dance in 10 minutes – fail?
Hey pals!

I hope you like this awful attempt at learning Feel Special in 10 minutes xD

**DISCLAIMER** This is not my serious attempt at dancing, this is a fun challenge. Aka this is me seeing what I can pull together in ten minutes whilst filming, if I actually learnt this off camera without a time limit I wouldn’t suck this much… honest xD please don’t hate on me as a result hahaha

*Dreams of learning as fast as Lisa Rhee without it being a sloppy mess*

I learnt a mashup of the two teasers with choreography in, and thought it’d be a funny challenge – turns out I suck at getting up and down really fast and learning from a silhouette is harder than it looks :’) I’ll do better next time…. honest!

On the other hand…. I LOVE Twice’s comeback and am so excited to see the full choreo and learn it for realsies πŸ˜€

p.s. I have a giant bruise on my knee now…. how!?

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