What is BARRISTER? What does BARRISTER mean? BARRISTER meaning, definition & explanation

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What is BARRISTER? What does BARRISTER mean? BARRISTER meaning – BARRISTER pronunciation – BARRISTER – BARRISTER definition – BARRISTER explanation – How to pronounce BARRISTER?

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A barrister (also known as barrister-at-law or Bar-at-law) is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions who works at higher levels of court. Barristers mostly specialise in courtroom advocacy and litigation. Their tasks include taking cases in superior courts and tribunals, drafting legal pleadings, researching the philosophy, hypothesis and history of law, and giving expert legal opinions. Often, barristers are also recognised as legal scholars.

Barristers are distinguished from solicitors, who have more direct access to clients, and may do transactional-type legal work. It is mainly barristers who are appointed as judges, and they are rarely hired by clients directly. In some legal systems, including those of Scotland, South Africa, Scandinavia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, the British Crown dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man, the word barrister is also regarded as an honorific title.

In a few jurisdictions, barristers are usually forbidden from “conducting” litigation, and can only act on the instructions of a senior solicitor, who performs tasks such as corresponding with parties and the court, and drafting court documents. In England and Wales, barristers may seek authorisation from the Bar Standards Board to conduct litigation. This allows a barrister to practise in a ‘dual capacity’, fulfilling the role of both barrister and solicitor.

In some countries with common law legal systems, such as New Zealand and some regions of Australia, lawyers are entitled to practise both as barristers and solicitors, but it remains a separate system of qualification to practise exclusively as a barrister.
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  1. Thank you for the clear description of the barrister. Could you please describe the difference between a barrister and a Lawyer in the US. Also is a Paralegal (US) an equivalent of a Barrister or is there a different title used for paralegals in the British Isles? Thanks

  2. Thank you for the lecture. This helps greatly because i would always see the terms solicitor and barrister used in film TV and books and didn’t know what they meant. Thank you now these things make much more sense