Example Cambridge Law Admissions Interview

This video shows a mock admissions interview for the Cambridge BA Tripos Degree in Law, conducted at Trinity College, Cambridge in November 2017.

This video is intended to give potential applicants an idea of what an interview might be like. The video is a typical, representative example of a Cambridge Law admissions interview – but please do not think of it as a model, perfect or ideal interview: exactly what a Law admissions interview looks like varies from college to college and from interviewer to interviewer.

In this interview, two interviewers spend 20-25 minutes speaking with the candidate, Rhianna, who is a Cambridge undergraduate but not a Law student. Rhianna was given a page containing a short set of facts, together with information about the relevant law, 30 minutes before the interview. You can download the information which the candidate was given at: https://resources.law.cam.ac.uk/docum…

Most Cambridge Law admissions interviews include an exercise related to law or related to more general moral or practical reasoning but, again, practice varies from college to college and interviewer to interviewer. Although the exercises often raise legal issues, or even involve the use of legal tests, candidates are not generally expected to have, and are not being tested on, any legal knowledge: if any law is required to complete the exercise, it will be provided.

Even where candidates have indicated (on their application forms) that they have already studied some law – such as at A Level – we only expect them to know as much of the law as they have studied.

Note that candidates coming to Cambridge for interview will also be required to sit the Cambridge Law Test (CLT); you can read more about the CLT and view some example papers at: http://ba.law.cam.ac.uk/applying/camb…
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