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Davido and chioma baby naming ceremony

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Woman stuns drivers by riding horse through Scots McDonald’s Drive Thru

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve seen today? Well, I bet it’s not as weird as seeing a horse walk into a McDonald’s. That’s exactly what happened to one hungry diner in Elgin as he tucked into his food. A clip , posted online, shows a small horse being ridden through a drive thru in […]

Scottish hillwalker goes for unexpected dip in hilarious Highlands video

A hilarious video shows an unfortunate hillwalker taking the plunge as he enjoys the great outdoors. The man – wearing a woolly bobble hat, a brown hooded jacket and beige trousers – was filmed making a treacherous leap over a fast-flowing burn in Glencoe. He lands successfully on both feet but falls backwards, trying to […]

This Dog Who Plays Piano And Sings Will Have You Pawsitively Howling

Sing us a song, you’re the piano pup! Buddy Mercury marked his three-year “gotcha” anniversary of being rescued by the Wolfe family on Tuesday― and celebrated in a way not many pooches can. He played the piano and sang ― or pawed the keys and howled, if you really want to be technical. Buddy’s self-taught […]

Woman Gets Stuck In Toddler’s Toy Car – And We Can’t Stop Laughing

This is the moment when a woman got stuck in the toy car familiar to every UK nursery playground, ever – and had to be cut out using a bread knife. Zoe Archibald, 34, climbed into her one-year-old cousin’s classic red and yellow Little Tikes car for a joke, but got wedged. She was unable […]

Bangkok restaurant dares you to eat this 13-pound burger in 9 minutes

BANGKOK – A Bangkok burger joint has become an internet sensation after YouTubers started challenging each other to eat its biggest meal – a near 6kg (13-pound) patty covered in fried onion rings, bacon and mayonnaise. Chris Steaks and Burgers is offering a 10,000 baht ($330) prize for anyone who can finish the mammoth snack […]


Hilarious footage shows Sir Rod Stewart breaking into an impromptu performance in his dressing room – singing about his love for clothes. The music icon posted a video to his Twitter account of him singing about the flamboyant outfits that he wears. He can be seen dancing around in his dressing room going through his […]

Chinese villagers stunned after spotting fish with a human face

A disturbing incident left Chinese villagers stunned after they spotted a fish in a small pond which had many similarities to a human face. (Visited 21 times, 1 visits today)

Popeyes employee brawl with customer over chicken sandwiches

Shocking moment Popeyes employee and customer throw trays at each other and brawl over chicken sandwiches. (Visited 44230 times, 1 visits today)

Love Island’s Cassie upset after Luke questions her romantic past

Love Island Australia’s Cassie Lansdell unleashes a profanity-laden tirade at Luke Packham after he questions her romantic past. (Visited 19 times, 1 visits today)