Business Grant for All London Borough

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The SmartLightPeople Small Business support programme aims to be the go-to service for Small and established businesses in the county, with the drive and potential to grow, helping them to directly connect with customers.

Smartlightpeople Business support programme is able to help businesses with different local councils and is in tune with local customer demands. Our Approach to Advertising and Marketing plays a vital role in kickstarting a renewal of business performance.

Our SmartLightPeople Small business support programme has helped local businesses grow and open independent retail online Shops on Tezlow Online Market Place. Artists and crafters have been supported to open online shops and grow their business gaining a new wave of customers.

Boroughs is London

Hart District Council
Case Study: Glasgow City Council
Case Study: Fife Council
Case Study: Highland Council
Case Study: Dundee City Council
Case Study: City of Edinburgh Council
Case Study: Kirklees Council
Case Study: Dumfries and Galloway Council

Harlow Council

The SmartLightPeople Small Business support Programme aims to help businesses

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