The Motivational Success Story Of Eminem – From Bullied Poor Boy To a Billionaire Rap God

The Motivational Success Story Of Eminem – From Bullied Poor Boy To a Billionaire Rap God

Marshall Mathers, also known by stage names such as Eminem and Slim Shady, has beyond doubt a tormented, uneasy and troubled past.
His mother Debbie Mathers was only 15 years old when she had her son. Eminem’s father abandoned him and his mother, when he was just an infant and never returned.
When he was nine years old Eminem was beaten so badly by a school bully that he spent over a week in a coma.
It all started just two days before his 9th birthday, when a bully named D’Angelo Bailey split his lip and the beatings that followed just got worse.
A few months later, the same bully broke his nose with a snowball that contained a heavy object or a piece of ice and dashed it in Eminem’s face . And afterwards, like that wasn’t enough, he beat him up really bad.
But this is not the worst incident. When Eminem was urinating and was turned with his back, Baily came in and beat Eminem so bad that he suffered injuries to his head, face, back and legs. He was left on the ground to bleed, and wasn’t found until hours later. His mother had to rush him to the hospital. He was in the middle of a seizure when she found him. Because of the severe injuries he went into a coma for a week.
He failed the 9th grade three times, and he eventyally dropped out of high school at the age of 17.

How his life changed?

In one interview, Eminem opened up about the beatings and explained how he used all that pain to build his rap career.
“I think the message will resonate with many kids contemplating an easy way out. Even the biggest of stars have gone through bullying and survived it and, furthermore, have come out on top – so can you.
“I was beat up in the bathrooms, in the hallways, shoved in the lockers – for the most part for being the new kid. What got me through this phase of my life was rapping. I found something.
“I suck at math. I’m terrible at social studies. But I’ve always been good at English, and I always had a lot of words in my vocabulary.”

Eminem’s experiences have been vast, difficult and shaky. The troubled childhood , the bullying in school, his non-existent father, his battle with addictions, have affected him as an individual but also shaped him into successful person he is today. He has managed to inspire and motivate many with his determination and success.

What’s your story?

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