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Testimonials from Businesses Advertising on this Platform 'SmartLightPeople online TV'

“I run an Events Catering Company and sometimes  getting more people to see my service is very difficult. I’m glad I can advertise my service on this Online TV. It’s great because people in the UK watching the videos  on the online tv can see my Ads and click on it to go to my website. Julie helped me set up my Ads for my business. She even added a free video for my business because  i didn’t have one”. Thanks Again Julie

Name: Rylan Smith

Business:  Selling online

Location: Wales

Package: Starter

“I run a successful Property Company in Norway, we have properties all over Europe. I needed a way to Advertise the Properties to potential UK buyers. I explained to him  that potential buyers would be looking at Property holiday videos. Paul was so nice he helped customize a package for me, So I can advertise on only Property related videos on the Platform”.

Name: Collin Jenwaere

Business Name: Real Estate Property

Location: Norway

Package: Customized

“It was a great decision to Advertise my Business on here. I  find Advertising difficult especially with being up North. Now i know my Ads are being seen  by people watching videos on this platform.   so it’s nice that the packages are affordable. i recieved a couple of bookings for the lodge over the weekend, looking forward to more bookings”.

Name: John Breman

Business Name: Highland Lodges

Location: Scotland

Package: Small business

“We advertise our Educational Courses on here. Our Ads Started running Two weeks ago we have a few Sign ups and are expecting more. Jonathan advised us to Add 2 more categories for us to hit our Monthly SignUp Targets and Potential Sales. I have to say your customer service is really helpful”.

Name: Edward Constelion

Business: Educational Courses

Location: New York

Package: World Reach

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Reach potential customers with Smart Light People Advertising. Set your own budget or choose a subscription package.

What’s your Goal?

To Increase year-end revenue by 20 percent. 

To Increase brand awareness by 50 percent 

To Promote your website

To Focus more on brand messaging

Whatever your Goal we are here to help you Achieve it.

What we do.

We are your perfect Advertising , Marketking PR Partner to help you Achieve your Goal.

For Companies

Smart  Light People Limited is able to offer companies digital strategy development across digital channels. To help achieve specific objectives are to increase levels of recognition of the company,  to raise  profile highlighting the specific features of strengths particularly to increase the company’s market share on a global scale. These objectives will be achieved by the implementation of a comprehensive set of activities including PR activities, video content creation and social media, communication tools, advertising.

We provide innovative and creative solutions to enable you to achieve your projected result and can help you with achieve your vision to be an employer of choice through brand enhancement and candidate recognition. As your recruitment partner to significantly maximise your advertising strategy. We provide  a recruitment and marketing campaign that works for your company.

Our Package Recommendation: Business Premier or Advanced Monthly Worldwide Reach

For Towns and Cities

Smart Light People Limited  will provide pro-active media support in promoting and raising the profile of your town as a destination to invest through showning the town’s successes, its businesses and its development and investment opportunities. Smart Light People can market your the city as a great place to live, work, visit, study and invest.

Showing to a wide audience the opportunities and development plans of the country. The strengths, aspirations , and the cumulative growth potential that can be unlocked by coordinated development.

Our Package Recommendation: Advanced Monthly- Worldwide Reach, Customized Advertising, Marketing & PR

Digital Survey Solutions

Digital Survery Solutions. Online Survey, We place your survey on top of videos so viewers take the survey before watching videos.

Our Package Recommendation: Starter (includes 1 survey a month), Professional  (includes 2 survey Questionaires a month), Business (includes 4 survey Questionaires a month)

For Small Businesses

Expertise is required across all aspects of digital creative, including the development of  your business to bring you customers.

To develop the vision, promotion and branding and create a compelling narrative for your business and a campaign to promote your business on a local, regional and national level also, If required on an  international level.

The goal would be to increase levels of recognition of your business, to target potential customers. By implementation of a comprehensive set of activities including PR activities such as video content creation to highlight your busines as a great choice on the platform, by using  promotional videos and targeted user viewings.

Our Package Recommendation: Starter, Professional or Business Package

For Specific Obligations and Targets Deadlines

Smart Light People provides an advertising solutions framework which will aim to offer an effective route to a range of advertising services. We can assist  in designing the perfect advertising campaign.

Project Example :

For the UK to meet its legal obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050, it will be necessary to virtually eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from buildings. This will require a wholesale transition away from burning natural gas.

A range of technologies could have the potential to contribute on a large scale to the transition to low carbon heating in buildings and industry, and offer consumers good cost-effective heating options in the future.

Targert: present the options availiable to households and highlight cost effective options.

Our Package Recommendation: Customized Advertising, Marketing & PR

Some Examples of the products & Services people can Advertise with us?

All adverts are placed on videos people are watching Daily.

Video adverts


Our Sucess Stories

See how a small designers started selling globally

See how a small wedding designer started selling globally


Recepie Company

See how a small recepie company started selling globally


See how a small shop started selling internationally

See how a small shop started selling internationally


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2) Placed as a thumbnail next to related videos or on the Smartlightpeople homepage

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