Advanced Business Advertising Partnership



Be Part of a Gobal Social Media Community With Smart Light People . We are offering Advertising Partnership for a Year.  We work with you to acheive Your Business Goals.

From Running Ads on the Highest viewed channel videos to Using our Creators over The Next Year . We  are providing a package for your products and services .

What’s your Goal?

To Increase year-end revenue by 20 percent. 

To Increase brand awareness by 50 percent 

To Boost website by 25 percent 

To Focus more on brand messaging

What ever your Goal we are here to help you Achieve it.

£5,000 A year 

We are a video platform for businesses and individuals that want to Advertise their product . We change the way organizations communicate their video Advert content through directly reaching their target Audience. We can show the ROI of your video marketing initiatives by tracking who watches your videos, and for how long, so that you can justify the spend on those videos.”

Our Content creators are mainly based in the UK, As a result we have high volume of UK viewers are gaining more daily.

Current Audience Sep 2019: 400,000 estimated users a month ……Expected Users October: 800,000 users…….Expected Users Nov 2019: 1 Million users…….Expected Users Dec 2019: 3 Million users…….Expected Users January 2020: 5 Million Users


We help you with any targets or Goals your Business needs to Achieve.

The offers Below is Available with Vouchers. Without Vouchers you will be paying Sale Prices.

£5000 A year    We are offering a Discounted Price of free for the last month.

What do we Offer?

Your Ads in front of  video watchers

You Can Choose from Top  Creators to Talk about your Products during videos, and encourage their Audience to Purchase Products or Services

We are Expecting Millions of video watchers over the Next few Months . Now is a great time to Partner with us and take advantage of our Limited Offer.