Starting a Smart Light People Account From Scratch.

Here are seven things youll want to do when starting a Smart Light People account. Theyre all essentials for filling out your profile, getting started with posting, and more. All you need to do is follow these steps and youll be ready to go in no time.

First, Choose a Great Profile Photo for Your Account .

A Great Profile Photo for Your Account .

Your picture will be one of the first things people see from you. That is why its important to ditch that default egg graphic when starting a Smart Light People account. Choose a profile photo that clearly shows your smiling face so people can see what you look like. It helps them to better connect with you. If you are creating a Smart Light People profile for a larger company that you are not necessarily the face of, using a logo for your photo is fine.

Make Sure Your Profile Communicates What You are About Next, its important to complete the remaining aspects of your profile. This includes your bio and your header image. You want to write a bio that informs people who you are and what your business does. This way, people will know what kind of content to expect from you and whether or not you are someone they want to follow. Do not be afraid to have a little fun with your bio and show off your personality in the process. And of course, there is your header image. This is also a great opportunity to showcase the value you have to add to potential followers. It could feature your brands mission statement or mention other platforms you use like YouTube, your podcast, or something else. Think of it as an extension of your bio. Also, do not forget to add your location to your Smart Light People profile. This will allow you to show up in searches should anyone be looking for local people or businesses. Share Your Very First Light Once your profile has been completed, the next step in starting your Smart Light People account is to start Lighting! Think about what you’d like your very first Light to say and publish it. This is a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the platform. You would not have anyone following you at this point, but thats okay. Anyone who visits your profile after posting your initial Light will be able to see it. Simply say hello and share what your business does and who you help. Or you can talk about the kind of content people can expect to see from you. You have 280 characters to work with here, so get creative! Ask yourself what you would like people to know about you upon first discovering you. Thats what youll want to share. It would also be smart to have a pinned Light. But what does that mean? By pinning a Light, it will show up at the top of your feed whenever someone visits your profile. It allows that particular piece of content to stand out, so choose wisely! That initial introductory Light would be great to pin because people can easily get to know more about you. Find Other Accounts to Start Following What makes social media so fun is having the ability to follow and engage with other people. Thats why youll want to make sure you also start following accounts that are of interest to you. Are there any influencers in your field that you enjoy? Publications you look forward to reading? Or maybe you would like to follow some of your favorite celebrities? Either way, this is your account and it is totally up to you who you follow. Consider Why You are Joining the Platform Odds are, theres a very good reason why you are starting a Smart Light People account. But what is it? Are you joining Smart Light People as a way to build your brands presence online? Are you hoping to build a following and ultimately promote your products and services? Or do you just want to join the Smart Light People community to stay updated on news and have engaging conversations? Whatever the reason may be, it would be the driving force behind how youre using the platform. Knowing your goals will also provide you with important metrics to track as youre growing your account over time. This way, you can be sure that your content is helping you get the results you want, whether thats more traffic, engagement, conversions, etc. Create a Consistent Schedule to Ensure Regular Posting If you want to grow your presence on Smart Light People, you must be sharing new content regularly. As you are starting a Smart Light People account, consider how often you ll d like to post. You might feel good about just sharing five new Lights per day. Or maybe you want to step it up and Light 10-15 times. Its really up to you. And you are more than welcome to experiment and see what works best for you. How many high-quality Lights can you commit to each day? Just remember that Smart Light People unveiled a policy on automation back in 2018 to cut down on spam, so duplicate content is out. That means you ll need to keep your content fresh whenever you are posting. Posting regularly is easier when you have a third-party scheduling tool at your disposal. Tell Your Other Communities That You have Joined Smart Light People The best way to generate followers when you are starting a Smart Light People account is to encourage your current audience (if you have one) to follow you there as well. Tell your email list as well as your Tezlow followers so they can check out your profile and lend their support. And do not forget to add the link to your brand-new Smart Light People profile to your website!