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Online Video Sharing Community

Smart Light People is an Online TV Community started in the UK.

Smart Light People provides a platform for watching videos. The platform allows  users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on and subscribe to channels. It offers a wide variety of categories, including movies, TV shows etc

Company Name: Smart Light People

Location: London, UK Head Office

Presence: worldwide

App Google Play Store: Smart Light People

Expected Users 2020: 100 million Users watching videos

Our Social Media: Connect with over 80 million people Worldwide

About Company: online video sharing Platform and media hub

Events: Smart Light People Networking

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission is to create A Global platform for users to express their creativity. Watch and create videos easily respecting the values of the community. We pride ourselves in creating a stable environment for Communication and a Media Platform that is free from discrimination.

Our Vision Statement:

To create a global platform for social interaction where everyone an access video content easily”

A Major Social Media Global Platform for Watching Videos


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