luisa leisy
3 months ago

Tou cannot turn a bottle of poison into a refreshing drink


If you are over 35 whatever you are about to buy, you already have it. Two in some cases. Go look.

Never abandon yourself to make other people feel comfortable.
It’s tricky finding the balance to give of yourself with loving kindness without losing yourself.
So I believe the friendship and intuition you are cultivating with yourself, is one of “trial and error.”
Pay attention to your body when you’re in a situation where you’ve crossed the line and “set yourself on fire.” 🔥
When the gut hurts, or the back is stiff, or the neck is in pain, it may be time to gently come back to yourself, and take a break, to reassess your next action.
Your #1 responsibility is to take extraordinary care

If it does not bring you peace,love or positive energy.Stop engaging in it.Simple as that.

Imagine your mind like a garden and your thoughts are the seeds.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made

Plan B isn't gone until the masks are gone. Masks were basically the Plan B.
Get rid.🤷🤷
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No one's talking about Khloe Kardashian here huh!🤔😂. I'm just wondering why good people like her attract 'toxic' or rather disrespectful partners 🙆


“I thought you were starting a diet”
“Not until Monday”
“Bank holiday?”
“Tuesday then”


It may be Bank Holiday, but Monday is still Mondaying.....😋

Ben Carson says that it doesn't make any sense to test people for a highly contagious deadly virus bc that will result in a massive number of positive tests.🤷🤷

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You are allowed to take your time , to grow in your own beautiful way🌺🌺

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Happy National cookie day and college football championship saturday!
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this is how liver stones look like. prioritise your health guys.
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34K people are watching Faker playing soloq when #worlds2021 is starting 😂😂