florencio frew
2 hours ago

I will not be doing anything for the rest of the day. Joe's back!!! #YOUSEASON3

With 4 days to #WorldMentalHealthDay people should realize that mental health is as crucial as physical health!

#wednesdaythought #wellbeingWednesday

Just finished #ControllingBritneySpears and this was actually WAY sadder than the first one... I have no words.💔..

what do you think of Britney Spears having a prenuptial agreement in place before walking down the aisle🤔🤔

Watching the whole world panic just because director Denis Villeneuve said Marvel movies feel very similar to each other. Why can’t we just accept each other’s opinion and enjoy both properties?

☹️Do you guys actually believe the simulation theory? I mean, is all of our existence just a part of a computer simulation and everything we know is just a lie?

Netflix's 'sex/life' wants us to pity a woman with perfect life who misses her toxic ex🤦 It's hard😂

what is it with celeb splits 🤦🤦 Now La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony 💔