florencio frew
3 months ago

Are you always ready for the outcome of anything coming your way?
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You can not forget someone who came to you with a torch in the dark

Negative people will always have something bad to say about others or to turn others down. Positive people bring out positivity in others by showing compassion instead of degrading the other person.

You have to be prepared and steadfast for adversity. You are made to win.

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It's those bad days that remind me of my fairly great life

Don't compare yourself to others be your own competition

Have we tried pligging the planet, and then unplugging it back in yet.

Today..Jan6th, we remember the horrific act of terrorism on our nations Capitol. We also remember the bravery of those who fought against it.


Kanye buying a house across the street from Kim's house tells me he hasn't moved on 😂😂lol

Merry Christmas Eve everyone🤗...hope you all have a great day and if you’re spending it with your love ones be safe🎄❣️

I know Christmas is only on Saturday but I'd like to wish all my SLP fam a blessed and happy time with friends and family.

Remember why we celebrate, folks😊🎉🎉

The ending of Money Heist was so unexpected! Epic and good 🤗🤗

Black Widow has beautiful visuals. A single bad CGI shot doesn't make it ugly

- Take things for granted
- Celebrate too early
- Don’t loose focus at any cost

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I will not be doing anything for the rest of the day. Joe's back!!! #YOUSEASON3

With 4 days to #WorldMentalHealthDay people should realize that mental health is as crucial as physical health!

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Just finished #ControllingBritneySpears and this was actually WAY sadder than the first one... I have no words.💔..

what do you think of Britney Spears having a prenuptial agreement in place before walking down the aisle🤔🤔

Watching the whole world panic just because director Denis Villeneuve said Marvel movies feel very similar to each other. Why can’t we just accept each other’s opinion and enjoy both properties?

☹️Do you guys actually believe the simulation theory? I mean, is all of our existence just a part of a computer simulation and everything we know is just a lie?