Steve Watson
7 months ago

What happened to Djokovic is just politicians using their power to show off and get extra followers.
It has nothing to do with Covid or visa issues, they used him to try to make themselves look better🚮🚮 nkt

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Who you're becoming is more important than who you've been.🤔
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Me overthinking about how I am overthinking , smh .

CDC says you only need to quarantine as long as your planning period, but if you need to substitute for a colleague’s class then you don’t need to quarantine at all🙆🙆🙆wth

#Newyear2022 #cdc

CDC: Coronavirus
everyone: The Rona
CDC: Omicron
everyone: Omarion
CDC: the corona pandemic
everyone: everything that is going on
😂😂😂but why


im do or die person. i don't play the coward dumbshit

what's up ya'll im new here. kindly be gentle on me
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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching. - Unknown #quote