Oscar Clarke
5 months ago

Nice weekend y'all!!

According to a 2012 study, a serving of popcorn contains 300 mg of polyphenol antioxidants (inc ferulic acid) - almost twice the amount in a serving of fruit - popcorn kernels have an average of just 4% water compared to 90% in fruits
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Today we honor the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr...
Which is the one quote by MLK you live by😊

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Good morning Slp fam 🌺🌺

Do not give anyone the power to belittle your dreams. Kindly follow me 😊

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The blackberry era has officially come to an End.. wow! it's really amazing how tech keeps evolving


Most streamed female rapper each year since the streaming era began:

2016: Nicki Minaj
2017: Nicki Minaj
2018: Cardi b
2019: Cardi b
2020: Nicki Minaj
2021: Doja cat


If you're a fan of;
Kendrick Lamar
Lil Wayne
Kanye West
Young Thug
Mac Miller
Lauryn Hill
Tyler, The Creator
Brent Faiyaz
Chief Keef

Hit that follow button & let's talk music!🖐️🖐️

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I really need to post more here😌😌
Anyhu, Christmas is in 4 days, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and if you don't celebrate it, happy holidays!!🥳


Happy Friday Eve everyone! Hope y’all had a wonderful day! 🌝🌞


I believe in cosmetic surgery when I look at Kylie Jenner.😅

I think after seeing all the celebs without masks or social distancing last night at the Met Gala we should pretty much move on with our lives🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
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😦The speed at which all these music festivals are dropping dababy’s name from their lineup tho