Lucy Taylor
5 months ago

The sun is setting on another week ✨ Have a fantastic weekend y'all!!!

#weekendvibes #fridayfeeling

When your bestie gets back with her ex for the 90th time 😂😂


starting my first monday of the year........... unmotivated...tired already 🙆 sleepy🤦


Me: argh!!! i hate talking to people😣

Also me: Hi are u, how can i help u? Yes sure sure no problem😅😅
happy new year!!


28th December is 'Childermas Day' (Holy Innocents Day) when prayers are said for ‘the innocents’ slaughtered by King Herod, and all those children around the world who are suffering from persecution to this day.

#Christmas #tuesdaythoughts

Since when are eyes and teeth not part of the human body that is covered by health insurance??😳😳 This makes no sense...found out I have a tooth problem that will cost thousands and I don't have dental insurance. Health insurance needs to cover all body parts!!!❗❗❗

#tuesdaythoughts #major..

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